Low Country. High Comedy.
This is it  OCTOBER 3rd at 8 One man show AMARU. And now for all those waiting The sign ups for the 5th annual COMEDY CONTEST is here, details under the Upcoming Events Tab, last years winner was only 15years old .The Savannah Comedy Revue Hosts at 8pm, Tickets $15 for VIP and $9 for the Cheap Seats for questions contact Tom at 314-503-9005 or purchase online at                                                                            http://clubone-online.com/shop/comedy2014/
5th Annual Comedy Contest Coming in November , Get Your 6 minutes ready . Cash Prizes up to $1000.
Special Thanks to American Hearts Radio and Comics on Parole
Hosted by Brian T. Shirley   on  KINETICHIFI.COM Wednesdays from 4 to 6 pm
WWW.americanheartsradio.com                                                                                            Harmony Booking                                                                                                                          WWW.creativeapproach.com                                                                                              www.clubone-online.com
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